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The Grupo Lagoa appeared in 1984 in the market of extraction and marketing of raw materials for the ceramic and glass industry. This market was then broadened with a clear beat on the production and development of atomized pastes and also with marketing of construction materials (coating, sanitary, among others).

In 2007, the group placed its bet on the energetic sector, beginning then to produce electricity, which provides for the network and the thermal energy necessary for its production process, using moto-generators and turbines.

Currently, the company has over 180 employees and it has been growing at an average range of 18% per year.

It is acknowledged both in the national and international market, being the latter one of its strongest bets. It has investments in Angola, Mozambique and Brazil and its future goal it to reach other markets.

The management strategy seeks continuous investment in innovation and quality which manifests itself in an increase of the Group's competitiveness and a growth of trust upon the future.

MISSION To manage the business portfolio, in such a way so as to increase the value, always trying to assure the excellence of both products and services, as well as the permanent respect for the Environment.

    VALUES The Grupo Lagoa fosters and believes in values such as:
  • Integrity and Transparency on the work developed by it.
  • Trust in the management model, the collaborators, the suppliers, the clients and other stakeholders.
  • Competence, present in the excellence of both products and services
  • Initiative patent is a permanent bet on new projects.
  • Innovation and Progress with the goal to continuously reinvent, renew and create value in the varied areas upon which we act.
  • Social and environmental responsibility, thus contribution for the development of the regions where we are represented.
  • Sustainability and Prosperity aiming at the continuity and growth of the Group and the improvement of the quality of life of the current and the future generations.


Fotografia de Carlos Alberto Silva Lagoa The Grupo Lagoa has been, throughout the years, conquering its place in the market and even in an unfavourable economic climate that place has been consolidating itself. This fact reassures us that the measures taken by the management measures have placed us on the right track.

We hope and believe that our mission is that of continuing to create richness and to share it with our collaborators and economic agents in general.

All the trust that has been placed upon us is a source of inspiration to continue to follow the path which will ensure the growth and the future of the Group.

Carlos Alberto Silva Lagoa
President of the Board of Directors
Grupo Lagoa
Assinatura do Presidente


The Grupo Lagoa originates from the company José Aldeia Lagoa & Filhos, created in 1984, to provide for continuity of the activity which had been performed by its founding partner, José Aldeia Lagoa, following his grandfather's footsteps in a business started at the beginning of the XX Century. It was an activity which consisted in exploring and marketing raw materials for the ceramic and glass industry. This is currently performed by the fourth generation of the family.

The Group comprises two industrial production units which, due to high investments, are equipped with the most modern state of the art technologies applied to this sector: they receive, treat and value raw materials explored in the whole area of the centre of the country, from the Council of Pombal to Guarda.

These raw materials, namely sand, kaolin, clay, feldspar, calcite and gravel, can be used in various areas, with special relevance in the industry of pavement, coating and sanitary ceramic, for the industry of faience and utilitarian china, for the glass industry and for the construction and public works sector.

In 1999, the portfolio of the affiliated companies was increased, by entering in the sectors of paste production, with the creation of the companies Unipasta, SA – producer of ceramic pastes and Pastceram, SA – producer of faience and sandstone paste.

The bet expands to the transport sector, with the constitution of the TBL – Transportes Basculantes, Lda, which takes care of the whole logistics of the Group, thus rendering compatible such a need with the transport of other merchandise on to external entities.

In 2004, the bet placed upon exportation is determinant with a special incidence upon the Spanish market. By then, the sales for that market segment represented 6% of the turnover, which by 2008 was already 40% of the total value of the sales.

The investment on the energy sector appears in 2007, with the assembly of co-generation units in all areas where thermal energy was consumed. As a result of such a decision, Pontos de Interligação de Potência (PIP's) [Points of Power Interconnection] were requested foe the units in Roussa, Santa Comba Dão, Unipasta, Pastceram and Cerâmica do Engenho. All of the already installed and the to install power (about 27MW) allow for the production of about 130.000.000 KW/year, which will mean that all our thermal energy needs may be satisfied by turbines and/or moto-generators.

The Group has investments in Angola, Mozambique and Brazil and aims to conquer new international markets, which is currently its strongest bet.